SF299 Consolidated Right-of-Way Application

Table of Contents

The Ambler Mining District Industrial Access Project (AMDIAP) concerns the application for an ANILCA right-of-way application for an approximately 200-mile industrial access road from the Dalton Highway to the Ambler Mining District in northwest Alaska.

Section 00 - Introduction and SF299 Application Form

Section 1 - AIDEA Supplemental Information

Section 2 - Corridor SF299 Supplemental Narrative

Appendix 2A - Corridor Supplemental Tables

Appendix 2A - Corridor Supplemental Figures

Appendix 2B Figures - Corridor Supplemental Map Sets

Appendix 2C - DOT&PF Summary Report

Appendix 2D - DOT&PF Interim Guidance and Standards for Naturally Occurring Asbestos Material Use

Appendix 2E - Fisheries Survey Reports

Appendix 2F - Preliminary Wetland Delineation Report Excerpts

Appendix 2G - Desktop Wetland Delineation Report, Eastern Portion of the Corridor

Appendix 2H - Raptor Survey

Section 3 - NPS SF299 Supplemental Narrative

Appendix 3A - National Park Service Tables and Figures

NPS Tables

NPS Figures

Appendix 3B - National Park Service Map Sets

Appendix 3C - Preliminary Visual Impact Analysis (GAAR)

Appendix 3D - Environmental Sound Analysis (GAAR)

Section 4 - BLM SF299 Supplemental Narrative

Appendix 4A - Bureau of Land Management Figures

Section 5 - USACE Section 404 Permit Application

Appendix 5A - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Supplemental Figures

Appendix 5B - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Permit Application Wetland Map Sets

Appendix 5C - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Permit Application Typical Sections

Appendix 5D - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Permit Application Land Ownership

Section 6 - U.S. Coast Guard Bridge Permit Application

Appendix 6A - U.S. Coast Guard Tables

Appendix 6B - U.S. Coast Guard Waterway Characteristics

Appendix 6C - U.S. Coast Guard Application Figures and Typical Sections

Appendix 6D - U.S. Coast Guard Consultation Authorization Letter

Appendix 6E - U.S. Coast Guard Summary Report of Coordination

Post Application Submittals

Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Wetland Delineation East 50 Miles

The BLM Alternative Wetland Mapping Methods

Communications Amendments

Additional Information Submitted